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Took a trip to Berlin for New Years 2023, I didn't get any good photos of the fireworks but I did get to do proper tourist stuff.

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Photo of a piece of the Berlin Wall showing graffiti related to the currently political landscape of the world in 2023

Photo of another piece of the Berlin Wall showing how weathered it is.

Photo of the Brandenburg Gate

TL;DR: Read the man page man pveproxy

Put the following in /etc/default/pveproxy (it needs to be created if not already existing).


Then restart pveproxy.service.

That's it.

Oh it's also mentioned in the manpage but it's worth reiterating, tweaking this setting after setting up a cluster is asking for an issue, the cluster normally communicates directly on 8006.

This could break something pretty major so uh, not my fault.

I'm like 100% sure this isn't proper fudge but oh god is it good.

The recipe calls for the following: – 8oz of chocolate chips – 4oz of peanut butter

It took me about an hour and some change, though that's probably because I didn't really know how to melt chocolate chips.

Pretty much you just melt the chips and mix in the peanut butter, mix till smooth and then pour the mixture into a brownie pan, mine was an 8x8 (inches) though if I were to make this again, I would go for a smaller pan.

Then you just chill until hard enough to cut. Ya done.

A surefire way to get stage 2 diabetes.

Went over to a friend's place to have a small cookout for Memorial Day Weekend. Had my camera and dog with me so I was able to get a few photos of their property. Mainly just flora, they had a pretty sizable garden.

I would like to get more landscape photos but the lens I have for my D3200, 18-55mm, isn't exactly built for farther away subjects. It takes great shots up close though.

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Photo of my dog, Kayla, looking very exhausted

Photo of two cars under tree shade

Photo of a large shed back-dropped by tall trees and shrubbery

Some closeups of the flowers in the garden, I'm not exactly sure what kind of flora they were, though I did smell a strong sent of garlic from some of them.

Photo of a purple flower

Photo of a purple flower

Photo of a cluster of purple flowers

Photo of a purple flower, it looks kind of like a crab

A tree base that has a hollowed out section

Photo of a bundle of white flowers

Photo of a bundle of white flowers

Photo of a pink flower

Photo of a stack of rocks

Photo of a overturned canoe

Photo of a treeline

Closeup photo of moss on a rock

I'm still having issues with darktable where for some reason bright photos have a pink haze once developed, some even show the issue within darktable. I'm not 100% sure if it's just something with darktable or with my camera, from what I can gather the camera doesn't show the issue.

Unfortunately this means some of the photos of the nearby lake won't make it in this post, I think I can still save them but it's 23:29 local and I don't really want to spend more time on this.

Eh, I'll maybe do something with this, maybe post my photos in full resolution.

Hello World!

Guess we'll see how long I keep this up lmao.