Missouri Trip – May 2024

Took a trip to visit my fiancée in Missouri and during this we took a boatload of photos with our cameras. I'm still processing them and have yet to edit them further. Here are some of the ones I liked so far.

Photo of a cat's eye upclose

Photo of framed photo on a blue wall with soundproofing surrounding it

I want to revisit this image and attempt to lessen the grainyness on the sky. Photo of a barn with a light on at night

I experimented with this one for a little bit. Photo of someone walking in a forest being viewed from behind, there is a camera dangling from their arm

Photo of a car's driver seat from the view of the rear quarter panel at night. It is slightly out of focus and only lit by the door ajar light

Photo of several soccerballs in a trunk of a car with a single warm light illuminating them

Photo of a barn as see through a car's side view mirror

Photo of someone's shadow falling on a rock pathway

Photo of a padlock on a red barn door, light by a small light

More to come, maybe.